Divesting From Depression, Loneliness, Conflict, Toxic Individualism, Debt, Consumerism, Classism, White Supremacy. A Rant,

Stop being time poor.

Take your leave, the shitty less hours roster/job or refuse the company growth project that requires you to be on your laptop at home.

Invest in the emotional needs of yourself and those you share it with. Visit your elders. The loneliness is killing them.

See your friends, be present with your kids. Start having sex again with your partner you both deserve it.

Don’t invest so much of your time in the grind. Financial hardships brought about by forces completely out of your control will always come. Bad situations can and will eventually change.

Decolonize your heterosexual bourgeois family by challenging each other on the things you can live without and replacing those things with connections to each other; instead of exchanging your soul trying to create ‘the ideal modern family’ in a capitalist society that will never allow you the time to enjoy it anyway while it disenfranchises everyone else in its pathway.

So, don’t have takeaways or dine out, that’s ok. What good is that experience if you are not truely connected to each other because you are barely speaking these days, a huddle up with a cheap soup is the bonding you’re waiting for.

No internet for a month now, you’re due a board game, or visit the library.

No petrol/new tires/registration this week, public transport is something we don’t appreciate enough let’s see things to be thankful for.

Park the ‘prove your self at work’ attitude for a hot minute. Your company is dehumanising you if it’s taking more than eight hours of every day from you to notice the list of things you’re doing that deserved a pay rise yesterday! Go rest!

Maybe my examples don’t fit your situation but it’s about divesting from depression, loneliness, conflict, toxic individualism, debt, consumerism, classism, white supremacy.

If we are not divesting from institutions, we are shaping their durability to stay alive.

And it’s killing you.

Reject the lifestyle that only steals from you your human experience. Make up your own rules about living in a way that allows you to actually experience living.

Practice Relationship Anarchy. You can choose what you want in any and every relationship for your lifestyle! Define it for yourselves.

Purchase property with your friends, start a community lifestyle. Grow some veg. Share the responsibilities. Resist hierarchy. Stigmatise the picket fence ideology that keeps us tied into capitalism.

Or maybe don’t feel socially forced to leave home. Talk to your family about delegation of chores and bills going forward. Make that work. You don’t have to go out on your own. Challenge that ideology.

If you’re currently living on your own, widowed, divorced with an empty nest, open your doors up to roomies. You could be having movie nights, book clubs, the conversation you’ve been missing! Friendship is a special romance you deserve.

Break the labour exchange cycle with connection to each other. We have to change.