Cute Family Christmas Card Idea That Says Gendered Violence Is Jolly & Hilarious

Man holding sign that reads “peace on earth” with his daughters and wife in portrait whose mouths are duct taped, like peace on earth as in ‘peace and quiet’. Get it!

This family portrait is restoring faith in all corners of the internet again that men are not trash, an opposite truth we didn’t see coming. But if you still think men are trash this is one exception to the rule that will make you forget about the rest!

Rick, and his wife Julie who faces no adversity as a women had a kinda stressful year that needed to end on a good note ASAP! As Ricks loyal foot solider for the white privileged patriarchy; it was no surprise this good wife and mother did Rick a solid for their family Christmas card!

“Rick should have always been a stand up comedian” Julie explains, “so when he came to me with this unique joke where I become the butt of the joke which is completely out of the gate, I couldn’t have been more on board”. Julie adds. “I wanted this Christmas to be one for Rick to remember”

Rick snowballed in on the back of Julie’s comments saying “I wanted to stage a photograph where I’m kind of at the end of my rope with this women.” Rick said loudly and breathy. “And my daughters might as well start playing the victim now”

When pressed for more comments, Rick revealed as a white cis heterosexual man, he was too moved by this once-in-a-lifetime success to speak.

Dustin, Ricks friend since sophomore confirmed Rick and Julie will continue to bond over gendered social constructs that are the least bit harmful because they’re actually hilarious instead, and that this is exactly the type of progress traditional couples need today.

Can God just bless this family already!!