Who’s (tired) with me?

Total liberation does not exist in opposition to animal rights, they are two things that need to be stabilised together.

Never before has the vegan movement been more urgently encouraged to consider that there are consequences for the relative absence of vegan BIPOC WOC LGBTQIA and womxn perspectives influencing the very practice that frames our worldview as a collective resistance.

This integration of perspectives is a key way to reimagining what mindfulness actions look like in opposition to systemic oppressions.

Whiteness and patriarchy in this movement needs to be challenged and it needs to be fine with you to do that. Get it together vvhites.

If not for individuals investing all their self worth in the animals experience, (exploitative af) it would be perfectly acceptable to critique each other. Think about that.

Why are we so reluctant to acknowledge our weakness, and so discouraged to change our advocacy when improvements can be identified in our work and when critics are brought up against us.

What do we have to loose?

It seems, hanging onto a handful of unequipped leaders is heavily prioritised over say, expansions on what a fully inclusive resistance could look like. We could be working on vegan food empowerment projects reaching more communities, taking turns on the mic or Q & A panel because every experience is invaluable. We could be prioritising an equal representation of all walks of life under this current political climate, so that we can lead by example as to what equality looks like to us. We should be pouring more support and funding into sanctuary’s and rescue teams recentering the animals, by not fighting against their treatment, but by fighting for their humanity.

And we should be teachers not to each other, but to children. Every group page should strive to be youth/child friendly, we should be encouraging youth to take over, and our behaviour should reflect facilitating that.

So yes, this is why we need to stop celebrating celebrity full time activists.

We can pick out what’s good about their contributions, but now is time to revolutionise all this work and energy, time and money- a leaderless resistance is the future.