vvhite wommin weighs in on x death with a cute selfie and wow not anyone saw that coming!

It wasn’t just another day for this white young aspiring vegan fem, when news of rappers death erupted the social media world, Karyn had something to say and was damn heck going to voice it to her growing 8,148 followers on Instagram!

Kathryn having a steady presence on this platform with her keep it vanilla modelling shots, presented her ‘woke’ post in consistent tone and mood that says my pretty privilege face pores are so cute and tiny, Yas girl, which always helps in giving more validity to what she is saying.

Karina- actually we can’t disclose her real name but it was one of the K’s posted a totally fashun photo shoot of herself before adding her weighty voice to the fray of conversations over the rappers death; and without forgetting the hashtags of course!

In case people need to see a white women when they search #ripxxxtentacion

After 48 hours of responding to backlash and criticism with commenters asking her to understand the nuances of theses topics, the over achiever Katrina by now had spent so long defending her post that it has become her primary cause!

“I’ve had to get really involved with defending myself and the view I expressed initially” she says, can you say Feminist hero!

She adds ” I know I can’t talk about poc as people are telling me I can’t since posting this but I’m actually talking about abuse here, not poc, which is why I’m using Malcom X and Tentacion as to make examples”

Karina girl, preeachh! At first it seemed anti black af considering Karen had never spoken on any of these issues before so publicly until now- it seemed suspicious- I gotta say.

But when we discovered Kathryn participated in the ration challenge where white people get sent boxes of food to denounce their privilege and live like a refugee for a week in order to raise funds and awareness of asylum seeker struggles, we totally started just nodding and clapping at everything Karina says and does! Clearly she doesn’t have a racist bone in her body!

Carry on. There is no lane!