Animal Whites Headfucking As Per

In a world divided by the perpetual overrepresentation for some and underrepresentation for anyone who isn’t white and male, I am perplexed as to why my own vegan community finds it completely acceptable and even progressive to franchise and mobilise all our agency to a very small handful of white cis able bodied males and even go as far to allocate funds as a community, towards their individualised missions of advocacy.

Is this really all we have to offer as a body of people living by ethics of liberation? That this is what a solution should look like? A movement that is so compulsively focused on the participants to the point that these people are deemed irreplaceable and are grossly over celebrated.

It’s such a -materialist approach for lack of articulating it any differently.

Am I a bitter women for saying so? Sure. Mad women shift mountains, so be it.

Did you know that this front, what we present to the world is such a false representation of who we all are? Did you know there are influencing vegans living with disabilities in this movement. Did you know there are vegans of colour, black vegans, Muslim vegans, doing radical, groundbreaking work within the praxis of anti oppression for all. Did you know there are LGBTQIA educators working incredibly hard to put an end to heterosexism, domestic violence and rape culture, as well as advocacy for animal liberation!

Vegans from all walks of life across the globe who understand the power structures and inequalities that exist in this world more than our favourite way cute and charmingly sensitive (because we can never just treat male sensitivity as a human default it has to be praised) dudebro representatives.

So so many Vegans who are academics. Who write books. Who podcast. Who blog. Who speak at events.

If visibility and voice is important at all, if visibility and voice is at the very core of our moral compass as to how we operate as alleys for animals. why do we not replicate that in everything we do?

Why do we sustain a climate that’s reproducing dominant culture and entitlement.

The animal rights group deflects social justice, and for that- it will never grow.

The reactive nature of such is regressive politics. White male power and validation is favoured over justice.

Animals are not safe in a patriarchal world. The animals are not safe in a colonising world —In a consumerist world —In a fascists world —In an indoctrinated world —In a hierarchy no different to the one that built this mess.

And never will be.

What’s the point of breaking down a system of oppression if we operate within a system of oppression.

People are being extorted for the good of the “animals”. Extorted to stay silence.

I feel like my saying this alone puts my own project in food empowerment justice at risk. Is that right or wrong to feel that way? You tell me!

“We are never to do something only because it’s good for the animals. It has to be an analogy that recognise that we are social actors in a complex world of social injustice and we need to always be tired in to the other social analysis to help us move through a world whose oppressions can’t be enumerated singularly, but have to be recognised as interconnected” – Carol J Adams

I want to have the same level of voice for everyone. I want to see positive, empowering spaces and a better future that can transform into action.