Fight me. Let’s go!

I stood in the cold and in the dark for hours here in Melbourne to bring you this message. I saw it with my own eyes.

The faces of fear, and unbending suffering. Your human privilege could never imagine.

I lied and whispered “it’s going to be ok”. What would you have said or done if you saw a disfigured living being, in agony, looking you in the eyes. Knowing that she will endure so much more violence in just a few more moments when they kill her, kicking and fighting.

Would it haunt you?

Would you want her body to be eaten once you meet her? Or buried to rest.

If you’re still eating the dead diseased flesh of beings who suffered for a minutes pleasure in your mouth, you are a walking dead person.

You are a zombie.

You are asleep.

You are not making your own choices, you are simply managing your own toxic slavery and that of others.

You are not serving your higher purpose.

Your karma is shit and you’re fucking it up, this short lived once off human experience of yours.

Improve yo self. Do it before you pass on so that your arrival here on earth was meaningful to others at the very least.