My Vegansims is one that works in the service of oppressed communities and seeks to resist aggravating oppression for others in the process.

Ethical consistency matters if ethical living is what you advocate. Feel me?

Unfortunately many vegans in my community, Melbourne Australia use their commitment to injustices faced by non humans as an excuse to ignore injustices faced by humans.

Last week during a 5 day fast against slaughter at the Justice Camp hosted by Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) outside Diamond Valley Pork (DVP), hundreds of vegans -some from as far as Sydney, and myself included, rallied day after day to bring attention to the 2,500 pigs who are gassed and slaughtered daily for human consumption.

The event was meet with a huge police presence including riot control, who were purportedly paid by DVP to exhaust their resources and resist our efforts in peacefully protesting.

It was a highly controversial action alone that reached media and gained a lot of attention and support, but as Day 5 approach, another form of controversy brewed as a poster sighted at the rally quickly gained its popularity and approval online pictured below.

A poster using the Holocaust atrocities to depict exploitation of animals today and invoke empathy from bystanders.

Not surprising, this was a classic mainstream example of vegan outreach approach’s that seeks acceptance in a non vegan environment and will use any platform including “trans-species” analogies to reach its uninterested audience. An approach that always backfires as it is usually presented by privileged persons who have insensitively and superficially drawn on the experiences of oppressed groups just for the sake of argument.

When activists supporting the poster and sharing its image online were asked to be mindful of this particular approach, the response was arguing and refusal to listen to those impacted.

To paraphrase the comment pictured above -if survivors of the Holocaust do not align their experiences with that of the animals today… they are then oppressors.

We are now gaslighting Holocaust victims; whose reasonable requests for empathy and safety are dismissed as “drama” and “speciesism” and even more problematic; “less important” in the name of ‘the mainstream vegan cause’.

Vegans; you can’t expect others to take your advise about not eating, wearing or otherwise exploiting non humans seriously when you engage in behaviours that blatantly contributes to the exploitation of humans.

And this “fast food activism” is just that. Exploitation.

A classic mainstream vegan tactic that prefers validation over correctness.

Using one form of oppression to dismantle another form of oppression is not at all rational. And it’s this “anything goes” approach in our activism that stunts our movement all together.

How ever popular approaches like this may be, liberation as a result remains slow. A tell sign that this movement needs to evolve; the same way people who throw the word “speciest” out when ever someone expresses solidarity with marginalised humans needs to evolve.

This white led non human animal rights movement continues to exploit members of disadvantaged groups to appeal to privileged white constituency. In doing so the suffering of vulnerable humans and the systems of oppression that hurt humans and non human animals alike operates as per.

Stop 👏🏽 Buying 👏🏽 It.

Non Human Animal exploitation is just as morally unjustified and irrational as human exploitation for damn sure but please remember that the only thread of commonness is systematic white human violence. If you find your self silencing the experiences of a holocaust survivor; you are being violent.

It’s violent to stop people in marginalised groups from expressing their exhaustion and justified rage. Real love and compassion is when privileged folk stop assuming world peace will happen in a society that strategically disenfranchises bodies.

Marginalised minority oppressed peoples remain invisible in this community and only ever appear to be included in abolitionist frameworks when it works to further an argument.

My Vegansims is one that works in the service of oppressed communities and seeks to resist aggravating oppression for others in the process.

Yours should to.

If your approach was no good, take it on the chin. Apologise, improve. Evolve. FFS.