Wow this vegan downed on intersectionality long enough for it to became her entire worldview

Here’s a story about perseverance to inspire you in case you’ve ever felt like you’ve never been able to follow through on anything!

Sharron Williams has spent the past few weeks passionately defending a Facebook post she put almost zero thought into, so much so that the sentiment she expressed without any forethought has now become foundational to her vegan philosophy.

When asked what prompted her to post:

“I don’t support intersectional vegans because it’s not veganism at all. And I could not be racist because I have a part Asian boyfriend, and I could not hate Jews because I love and admire Gary Yourofsky, and I don’t hate Muslims, because I am a misanthrope.” Sharon, a passionate advocate for the animals and one of the 12 members of a secret Facebook group known as ‘Shit SJW Intersectional Vegans Say’ clarified that her post wasn’t something she put a lot of thought into.

Williams sparked outrage from many corners of the intersectional internet world as Williams ended her statement with “if you don’t like it you all can get fucked lol” attaching a poor quality image to further her point.

“Williams comment has no relationship to the reality of what intersectional vegan advocacy stands for” an intersectional vegan responded adding “Williams could have just posted nothing at all. It’s as though she’s bullying herself for attention”

In contrast to the amount of time it took to post her original response, Williams has sacrificed hours of each subsequent day responding to the backlash and criticisms. In fact, she has spent so long defending her position that it has become her primary cause, one that she is fully prepared to defend until the day she dies.

Williams explained “intersectionality wasn’t something I’d really thought about ever,” clarifying “but ever since people started suggesting in blanket statements that Vegans should consider being accountable in their tactics, theory and behaviour towards others regarding advocacy for animals, I didn’t know much about what they meant and I’ve had to get really involved in defending myself and the view I expressed initially.”

Somehow, she has managed to barge into the comment section on posts in the ‘Single Vegans of Australia’ group throwing outright assertions that “the intersectionals have gone too far!!.”

Admin of the page reported, “this group is for posing/sharing and the discussion of anything vegan related, this is a community of horny single vegans and for this network to be successful we need to operate in a friendly way. Sharron was blocked from the group for her insistent need to double down on intersectional advocacy bullying anyone who mentioned Black Lives Matter claiming they were “Speciesist”. Admin revealed “She kept coming back under various similar obvious names such as Shazza Wizza and Wharron Silliams”

When asked if she would consider just retracting her original statement, Williams stuck to her guns.