There are many types of guys you will date none of whom are like Divorcé David

Babes! Step back! you’ll have to contend with the fact that pursuees for guys like Divorcé David are womenspriational web cam adult entertainers, and if he’s ok with that; than you don’t have a chance!

Balding David’s search for love surfaced its self at the smokers table during a forklift lunch break to an audience of 5, as he explained the results of his recent conquest via unnamed dating sight.

“She offered to pay for a hotel room to meet me” he exclaimed to John who was in the middle of a hilarious dad joke. David continued “anyway, I looked through her photos and she’s got a great body, big tits…” John beside himself with this news insisting David continue; who went on to say with a grin “then I found out she’s a porn star!”

If you’ve been feeling this weird hunch lately that all men might, in fact, be the fucking worst, sigh a sigh of relief;

evidently irresistible Celtic cross tattooed David is not looking for that kind of women because he’s not that kind of man!


When asked what prompted John to jump on a high tech quick google search of the women in question, homophobic John responded “common she’s prolly a man or somink!”

John quickly stumbled across hard evidence that purported the women to be living in America suggesting that tuna breath David, born and breed in Straya; was being “played” by a phoney porn star wannabe; quickly sending him into a now sensitive misogynist fuelled tirade about how he “wouldn’t want a bitch hooker anyway!”

David took the diplomatic route eventually when confronted with low blow comments following this exposé of personal information from his pairs which concluded that although men demand for sex services, women who offer services in response to demand are flat out lacking in dignity where otherwise men are roundly savvy existing outside of whatever economic and social circumstances surrounding woman in their choices to enter the sex industry.

A delicate David was seen later moving pallets in a much somber fashion in the afternoon.

“He returned from his break and started returning pallets from the dispatch pile that he had stacked in the morning throwing off our entire delivery service schedule, I don’t know what changed but I had no choice but to send him home” Stock manager Dean reported.

“I was eating my raw till four mango in the kitchen for lunch -because I’m a vegan, when David sitting outside just started yelling at everyone to fuck up in a high pitch voice” explains an anonymous source.

The lunch time scandal over David’s search for love spiked conversations throughout the building.

“sex workers deserve to be afforded the same dignity and respect as any other women” Justine from front desk exclaimed while Amanda who witnessed David’s foible protest commented “he’s a sensitive man, I found it endearing that he doesn’t agree with prostitution, I never knew that about him. I hope he finds that someone special to cook for him, it’s the way to every mans heart!”

Leaving mixed feelings in the workplace and similarly mixed feelings in David’s heart.