Welcome to Earth, you haven’t been here before. It’s green, and the sky is blue.

Forty eight hours ago; I was crossing a vast paddock with five other activist and only the stars for light with three pillow cases heaped over my back carrying individuals inside.

Stopping every few minutes to allow them to breath and check their status, I felt a rush of happiness in the success of our operation, but also a deep sadness we could not save them all.

I couldn’t tell you how many chickens were in this one shed, but I can tell you that I felt the size of it as I found myself standing alone; in the center of a long dark isle no larger than two feet wide and between the prioritising of hens in dire need to rescue; I was stood there, for only a moment in total darkness hearing the obnoxious whipping sound of an expansive fan blowing potent air into my lungs… and I was stunned with fear.

Indeed we crossed dead bodies; decomposing on wire floors above and below more and more bodies. Bodies everywhere.

One girl stood in silence barely flinching at a flick of a torch tight. Just staring down at the remains of the prisoner sharing her cell. Those who were still living remained just as lifeless as those who were gone.

Today, I have six lucky few. Each with a distinctive personality and characteristic that I have been privileged enough to see. A first time for me, making friends with chickens.

I just want to ask them what’s that like? The sun? How does that feel? The water melon how does that taste to you? The stretch of your neck, your wings, your claws and legs.. how does that feel, to have your basic needs meet.

Welcome to Earth. You haven’t been here before. It’s green, and the sky is blue. There are bugs down here too that may fascinate you. Grip the soil with your claws. Close your eyes because the breeze is warm not toxic.

Take a load of darlings, put the load on me.