Men, What’s good?

I’m all for the purposes of keeping this at a readable length, because I’m also all for the purposes of taking up space, and for forcing intersectional veganism into the consciousness of the vegan community.

You can probably already sense theirs a tone of anger here, and you’re right. If you’re already on edge as I am with the metoo campaign, this may make you angry, please avoid if need.

Title: Men, Whats good?

Y’all make me tiredt.

I’m tiredt af of ya [read yt] taking up all the space within the vegan community.

I’m tiredt of ya outreach practices, your “teaching” methods, your hypocrisy chanting, your ignorance on intersectional oppressions, your lack of feminism, your gaslighting woc poc victims whose reasonable requests for empathy and safety are dismissed as “drama” “political correctness” “attention seeking” and “speciesism” or even “less important” in the name of ‘the mainstream vegan cause’.

Your fat shaming women in the name of plant based health, ya standing on the backs of women to center your face in the fight.

Im tired of your lack of listening, failure to sit down and be humble. Your overt tantrums and victimisation cards played when your bs is called out, because you’re an able-bodied cisgender male who is almost always socially comfortable and has developed an unchallenged expectation to remain so.

I’m tiredt of this systemic institutional control you have by default which allows you to live in an environment that protects and insulates you from race based and gender based stress.

And I’m tired of your ridiculous ‘mic dropping’ illusions of tangibility, that actually only detail your extremely low non complex socio economic world views.

You can stop identifying yourself as the community’s personal Jesus because actually theirs nothing more you’re doing that the rest of us aren’t.

Dudebros out here that have YouTube channels and accounts with more followers than woc such as Jasmine Leyva, a 30-year-old black actress and filmmaker who over the past seven years, has committed herself to veganism, both in lifestyle and research, and is independently financing filmmaking her own vegan documentary for NETFLIX!!! Yet you still can’t see your privilege, and how problematic that is.

Your journey to woke is awkward and unbeknownst to you, frequently humiliating. Your perpetual overrepresentation across the platforms intended for US is shrinking me as you grow bigger and louder, you never miss an opportunity to speak over everyone else demonstrating how much passion and authority you have above all. I’m tiredt.

Is that way harsh?

Nah, bihh.

I’ve been objectified and abused by your kind. I’ve been told to stop growing so you can catch up, I’ve been paid less, I’ve lost employment to you, I’ve walked around with the risks of getting pregnant and having to stop my life, not you, my gender is your comedy, I have done your emotional labour.


Im mad mad.

This is what the vegan community looks like to me, see image.

Yesterday I felt done, today I’m done. I’ve cried because I’m tired.

For those outside of the vegan community, I want you to know that this board room of white men making decisions at our detriment exists in this space too. And it is rampant.

Also, I want to say that I only support and follow WOC and allies of WOC and that is the grassroots of my activism for animals. That is the future and I bless you sistahs and brothers who can understand what that means ✌🏽

Jahhh bless


*Peaceful mic drop