Vegan advocates, unpack yo super privilege.

If you want examples of what it means to blatantly and repeatedly tokenise intersectionality, look no further than mainstream animal rights where for sure you will discover the unlimited invisibility of mobilising race discrimination in non human advocacy.

It needs to stop.

Vegan advocates, unpack yo privilege.

To the hyper pro intersectional…

Who catches themselves transforming a conversation about giraffes in a zoo into the perfect platform for displaying their knowledge about sexism and the male privilege patriarchy; you sure do love the sound of your own voice don't you? Welcome to your super privilege where you have been dipping into the cookie jar of trauma for the purpose of having the most confidence when it comes to understanding oppression which you consider almost always trumps everyone else's knowledge and experiences. Listen, oppression is not that simple, stop using the word intersectionality to express a false idea that all oppression is the same. Are you really out here proving how "woke" you are by taking up ALL THE SPACE.

To the anti intersectional…

Your peace manifestation goes awry inside your single issue campaigning. You complain of injustice while ignoring your own culpability in the plight of unjustly acts of violence towards others. Yes your super privileged silence is violent. This "I gave up on humans I just care for the animals" attitude is not one size fits all, that's not a normal thing to say. That's a white thing to say. This trend of selective attention and dissonance is as problematic as it is insulting. Must feel lucky law enforcers are not killing your family, fracturing your community, and terrorising you for your existence, like it's some kind of a tax funded public service… oh, it is.
No tell us, how is that? must be nice.

To the I'm Switzerland I'm just saving animals vegan

Perhaps you don’t understand the way capitalism works. Or perhaps you just can’t grasp that proposing to only remove animals from a chain of exploitation without abolishing exploitation itself is simply preserving the very structure of oppression. (
It's not you, it's your super privilege. You see my mainstream vegan friend, Western imperialism is the history of animal oppression. The shared traumas of black bodies and animal bodies make the liberation of both inseparable.
Not the same, but inseparable.
Look around.. Find you a factory farm of dead dying diseased animals hidden on the fringe of society is where you'll find industrialised racism where natives, indigenous, PoC community, are also dead, dying, suffering from disease, displaced, occupied and gentrified, if not imprisoned. Both existing for western consumption.
When you know better, you do better.. don't you want to do better?

Hi, welcome to your super privilege.
It's super because too many of you are vegans who started to acknowledge the way 'ism's' work, but decided only one of them can and will exist within your circle of influence.

I still have points stay with me..

1. You can't choose to be against intersectionality. The intertwining of oppressions exists, regardless of your depth of or lack of knowledge about it.

1. Intersectionality exists for as long as animal oppression exists. When non humans suffer, so do humans.

Now let's apply an intersectional approach in your veganism.

-Adopt more inclusive goals in your outreach efforts. Ask yourself who's missing from your actions. Why are they missing? How can we include everybody?

-Step outside your comfort zone and question world views, because if you have the option not to question, then that is your privileged identifying itself to you.

-Acknowledge that racism is not "a thing of the past" or people with hurt feelings, racism is disproportionate human rights. Don't be cool with that. Its sucky.

-Practice sensitivity.

-Do not replace experiences of others with your fictional shared experiences. Recognise that your personal background does not represent the background of everyone else.

-And no, you do not need to centre yourself or co-opt in PoC campaigns, or speak on behalf of. Understanding your privilege certainly does not mean more work for you, don't flatter yourself, the fight for equality has been around long before you. Support it.

And remember

A 👏🏽rising 👏🏽tide 👏🏽lifts 👏🏽all 👏🏽boats.
-DiDi Delgado

So go make waves kid.

(Reference: Thaddeus Howze Tech Humanist, The Di Di Delgado, Sistah Vegan, The invisible Vegan, Kimberlié Crenshaw,,, Afro Punk)