Self care even tho everything is whack

I was asked this week what do I do for self care after activism and I replied nothing. I wondered if wine counts? But for real, I have a wee pileup of grievances and trauma and some days it feels 2007 Britney.

Because the realities of the issues we are fighting are extremely distressing.

Staying informed and active exposes us to saddening tiring facts and for that reason, getting burnt out is inevitable.

How can we channel energy towards global change when we are running on the body's threat response? You do that too long and it will start eating at your immune system.

Sure, a short burst of anger can be motivating, and It has been effective for many of us but anger as a driving force is not sustainable long-term. And that's a price the animals pay as well if we are only in this for a minute.

We need to self care the fuck before and after our outreach actions so we can stay waking up everyday with an appetite for change.

It can't always be your job to get into it over social media or with a family member or friend -you can disengage.
Don't stay standing out in a limb yelling whack at everything. You will reach your capacity out there.