There’s a lot more to ogres than people think

I have enough self awareness to know that this blog is obnoxiously long. That would be the same self awareness I have to know that the things I express as a vegan are confronting, controversial, and for some perceived as offensive or just flat out wrong. 
Ultimately my being vegan does not actually obstruct anyone else’s lifestyle, nor change who I am as a friend person to person.. but since social media allows us to keep contact with people who we disagree with or do not understand to a minimum so that we can almost always be socially comfortable -thus developing an unchallenged expectation to remain so- it can create saddening realities where friends and family no longer consider you the type of company they wish to keep.

These aspects together leave me with another awareness of feeling a weight of not knowing what to do about those who I no longer speak to; some of whom I truly miss; others, it would suffice just to be able to acknowledge our collective humanity in a space.

Having discovered alarming truths about the way I sustained myself as a single human, and its detrimental impact on others and my health. I realised I had a beautiful opportunity to make choices that align with my core values. September 2015 I stumbled across a documentary and before the credits could roll I was unquestionably and a little cluelessly vegan. I promptly engaged and sometimes indulged in the peeling back of social layers leading me to look through a new and improved, more educated lens at my own destructive, speciesist, imperialist, colonialist tendencies; coupled with the complexities of ecocide and cultural hegemony -unwittingly, routinely upheld by yours truly.

Shrek: For your information, there’s a lot more to ogres than people think. Donkey: Oh, you leave ’em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin’ little white hairs… Shrek: [peels an onion] NO! Layers.

I jump in and out of that rabbit hole, perhaps falling too deep for even old timer vegans and much too uncomprehendingly for just the ‘What The Health’ vegans but obtaining the perfect amount of compassion in the process which was all that’s required to find myself protesting against slaughter trucks on Batman Avenue Melbourne cbd amongst other ‘Lightworkers’ as my mum would call us; (look that up for warm fuzzies) who are equal amounts of conscious, caring, diverse, brilliant thinkers; and like me are unsure of how better to spend our limited days on earth other than to overtly support this purposeful and impactful practice.

Through the vegan community I have observed the meat (murder) industries further erode under the echo chambers of social networking. I have watched information travel across social media faster than a Mc Donald campaign can react; and I have stood with my fellow -only one thing in common- comrades spending countless selfless hours behind the cause attending vigils, sharing recipes, tips, facts, blogs, photos and such to new comers on the daily. 

Does that sound revolutionary to you? because it feels a little revolutionary to me. Evidently doing this work proves to be effective no matter how slow the movement or how quick the resistance.

And so I keep going. Because Veganism is serious, and implies social political engagement. Engagement is the most important thing I can do as an advocate. Any information that will lend towards the benefits of a vegan life will not come commercially or abundantly. Indeed It has always and only been accessible through a little fringe minority group of ‘tree hugging’ ‘hippy’ animal lovin’ ‘Lightworkers’ who are simply put -willing.

Which brings me to my close; If your relationship with a vegan requires that they compromise all that above. All that personal growth for themselves and who ever they reach in the process, my advise is that you take one un disputed hour out of your life to just receive some of the logical rational reasons as to why your friend or family member would do something as crazy as going vegan, or even as crazy as speaking about it.

I promise; the first thing any vegan will share is “I only wish I knew sooner”. And if you hang in there long enough with open ears and mind, you might be fortunate enough to see there’s a lot more to Vegans than people think. 

Like, Layers.