New vegan. Who dis?

Im beginning to feel like it must take a real level of sophisticated intelligence to grasp the concept of intersected oppressions.

Explaining any kind of oppression is an ongoing, everyday endeavour. Explaining how human oppression is a love affair with speciesism is much the same. Ongoing. 

Why vegans get so mad at the concept of total liberation I will never understand – like it literally doesn’t have to affect you or the animals in the slightest. It’s a concept. In fact being unaffected is most likely the reason why it makes no sense to you; and that reaction time on any mention of intersectionalism is crazy fast.. all the name calling. It’s very othering. I hope that’s not how you address all things that are confusing. Jesus your parents must have made a fuss of you.

Addressing intersectionalism online is like addressing a group of patriotic chest thumping Neanderthals outside Bunnings around the pros of a vegan sausage. They seem to keep needing super-specific examples while simultaneously refusing to listen to the super specific examples.

It’s wild. 

Having a glance through many of the loud and proud anti intersectional groups, and comment sections, you’ll be pressed to find PoC, which indeed suggests that the anti part of the group could be problematic. *awks. So if you’re sitting on the fence about intersectionalism, I suggest you stay right thurr untill you figure out historically the right side to jump on.. if you’re already on the ants in your pants side I ask that you stahp it right now. All that progressive intention with regressive foot work has you dizzy spinning your way to tone deaf island where they still be communicating with smoke signals.

-But shouldn’t anti intersectional groups exists because if there’s one thing a group of white people need, is more spaces reserved for their voices and their comfort at the expense and exclusion of people of colour……


Trust me, that was not an anti white sentence. Don’t get fragile too soon.

Most anti intersectional vegans believe that linking oppressions is counterproductive veganism. But if actually you don’t understand what your linking or why and you’re committed to not understanding, ask yourself if your anti intersectionalism is what’s really counter productive.

Oh my lordt, you could be silencing valuable discussion that actually benifits the animals. Valuable platforms of resistance. Valuable analysis that shouldn’t just be included in our animal liberation framework, but rather should be central to it without even realising. Oops! 

Perhaps you don’t understand the way ‘ism’ works or can’t identify patterns.

Prehaps you don’t understand the way capitalism works.

Or prehaps you just can’t grasp that proposing to only remove animals from a chain of exploitation without abolishing exploitation itself is simply preserving the very structure of oppression.

I’m going to explain intersectional veganism now in a nutshell so listen up innhernet you’re about to get learnt what I learnt not long ago by reading books not comment sections, and listening intently to the accounts and experiences of others…. *ahem

A 👏🏽rising 👏🏽tide 👏🏽lifts 👏🏽all 👏🏽boats 

By default, our veganism is undeniably resisting neo colonialism that is the practice of injustice within a racialized gendered context for human bodies environmentally, economically and socially.

When you fight for the lives of the most marginalised beings [animals] you simultaneously liberate yourself. Gasp! 

When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘we’ even illness becomes wellness -Malcom X

And that’s all there is to know about intersectionalims.

Thankyou for your work even if you hate hate hate intersectional vegans because the intersection in your veganism still exists and that does not go unnotice 👍🏽.

Keep being vegan, but ffs Stay calm, sit yo ass down, be humble and ride the wave.