Evolving grabs.

In the past month, my interest in participating through the channels of social network have been like unscrewing a lightbulb. It died out in a short twist of sudden awareness to the alarming increase of business activity.

Social networking is now completely outrun by a universe of professional attention-grabbers who are out to monetise on humans connecting. Land grabs, gold grabs, forest grabs, pussy grabs, it’s not susspose to end. Grabs are always evolving and most importantly exploiting.

Social networking was the people. Now the people and their connections they had and established is the planet’s dominant economic model of capitalism run by companies who pay big money for our distraction from each other; throwing professional content creators and developers into feed calculations designed to keep economic thrivers and supremacy afloat – and your cousins graduation ceremony photos clinging desperately to the algorithms upon which further crack pottery of consumer shit is heaped.

It’s wild.

I See You