A young mans long, awkward, occasionally tragic and frequently humiliating education in the affairs of his white fragility.

In a world divided by the perpetual overrepresentation for some and underrepresentation for anyone who isn’t white and male, 

Surrounded by other white men, President Donald Trump signed an anti-abortion executive order that has far-reaching consequences for women’s reproductive health access worldwide.

It’s never not refreshing to catch wind of the ‘white guy’ roasts because welp -they on point. And listen; surly surly surly a bit of banta is less worse than let’s say.. living with the rape, pillage and poverty of ones predecessor granted one could even trace their leniage.

But as Dr Phil would say “there are two sides to every pancake no matter how flat it is” and for many white guys, being identified by their skin colour and gender is way harsh. So even though these guys confur authority systematically they never miss an opportunity to speak over everyone else demonstrating online with much passion and authority; how they refuse to acknowledge their authority passionately.

I give you the generic ‘don’t call me a white male’ letter. 

“Listen up Innhernet!

I’m gunna drop another illusion of tangibility detailing my extremely low threshold for enduring any kind of discomfort associated with challenging my worldviews. So brace yourselves mother fuckers I’m about to learn you some shit. Again. 

I am centred in all matters deemed normal, universal, benign, neutral and perfectly good. I have never. ever. had my identity attacked and all of a sudden, I am experiencing my first experience of having my identity attacked. People keep calling me a white male and this must stop immediately because it feels equal perhaps even worse than the public humiliation of cat calling or roundly blaming all bad traffic on Asians and low employment rates on foreigners. 

As a straight white able-bodied cisgender male I am almost always socially comfortable and have developed an unchallenged expectation to remain so. 

This systemic institutional control I have by default allows me to live in an environment that protects and insulates me from race based and gender based stress. I have been raised on an extremely non complex socio economic world view that all Blacks = criminals, all Hispanics = Lazy, all Muslims = terrorist, and women don’t belong [insert anywhere] and are hoes for [insert anything].

All I ask is that people just adopt my views that are based on solely my privileged experiences because in general, if I’m not experiencing social injustices myself, it can’t be that bad or even exists.

Please leave me to continue moving through this wholly racist sexist world with my white male identity learning nothing from all my encounters with others. I can’t wait for all the ‘likes’ to roll in on this truth bomb as per! Nam mass tayy”

-white male