5 things I did as a baby vegan

I was excessively casual at the start, I had no idea what I was doing, and my reasons for why at that stage were based on a very surface understanding.

It was a journey of unlearning a life time of learning, and as the vegan cause is so clearly an evolution movement, my experience can only be that of the same nature -Evolving.

My new diet was unexpectedly meet with extraordinary resistance by everybody who’s anybody and it seemed they had been waiting all my life to teach me awholelotaboutta protein. Largely due to the myth that vegans eat only processed soy versions of what everyone else eats – I didn’t miss the memo that basically I was going to in fact likely suffer from a malnourished hormone influenced soy induced death.

FYI vegans survive mainly on beans, rice, pasta, fruits, and vegetables and I know this now. At the start not so much..

5 things I did as a baby vegan:

1. I had no idea Lord of the Fries was vegan, one time I was actually standing outside Lord of the Fries cussing out society for my deprivation and it’s inadequate options for vegans during my midday caloric deficiency.

2. Because I had no idea how to be vegan as I was the first vegan I ever knew, I ate strictly fruit and veg (no rice, no beans, no legumes) for months until I discovered a world of substitutes, recipes and accidentally vegan products. This is exactly why people believe I only eat salads because before they blocked me I was literally sharing instagrams of raw carrot sticks hashtagvegan. I’m sorry I perpetuated the ‘vegan is restricted’ stereotype.

3. I ate eggs and honey and made an excuse once or twice to eat dairy cheese for the first 6 months- further more I debated with a vegan as a self proclaimed vegan about how eating eggs is healthy and harmless. It’s weird to think about that now. 

4. In my first 6 months I was still cooking meat for my kids worried about their health if I didn’t thanks to gov schemes. So again as a self proclaimed vegan I promoted free range meat during that stage and convinced some people to join me on the free range journey -and well that was just nonsense. 

5. There were times where I probably should have promoted my vegan journey but I didn’t see the queues, such as being asked if my vegan cheese tasted like real cheese I replied “it taste like shit” because it did. Now it doesn’t. My pallet has changed.

The journey to free thinking, cruelty free living and self awareness was an embarrassingly slow awakening. It took a great deal of time and discussion and information to remove what I can only discribe as layers of social conditioning.

My point is, regardless of how we get to that vegan state of complete consciousness and education; starting is the best way to start. Like if you had goals to go vegan, it is always best to start.. and then you are more closer to being a vegan than before you started. So start today. I’m no guru obviously. I’m sorry if you feel unmoved by that.

Start to go vegan! Booya!