It was about this time last year the Life of Pablo was released after a series of chaotic twitter rants said to be geniusly orchestrated as the perfect tool for this album promotion. With track titles changing and quickly escalating into keyboard beef, others were left speculating a code of sorts reading each letter at the beginning of each twitter rant as a sort of revealer invention of the albums said to be title, then unknown. A spoiler that only “We major” fans would pick up on because Kanye is art. Dah.

The Life of Pablo was described as Ye’s final arrival post turbulent life. With each previous album featuring many genres and many versions of Kanyes alternate egos; it would be the album that represents leaving all his music revolutions behind. Enter the season of Kim and the lyrical “see I invented Kanye, it wasn’t any Kanye’s and now I look and look around and there’s so many Kanyes”

Kanye expressed this musical identity progression with a mad sense of humor and energy that was so unique to his discography that one year on I’m still honeymooning with the album but who could blame with lyrics “If I fuck this model. And she just bleached her asshole. And I get bleach on my T-shirt. I’mma feel like an asshole”. The album can’t help but feel rooted in something messy and relatable despite Kanye entering such a consequence-free persona that we could never truly relate to. But who can’t relate to feeling unrelatable?

With the album summing up that nothing lasts, The Life of Pablo became my most favourite work of Kanye’s since Late Registration. And in a year in which racial injustice has occupied the headlines in America, I would hope that none of this will last. The Life of Pablo along with his 2016 spring ready to wear fashion was absolutely a genius and creative and loaded with meaning as per.

The Yeezy vibe in this Pablo mile stone musically, artistically and aesthetically is a consistent one. His politically charged fashion that is head to toe monochrome and essentially unisex, is streetwise af. If West makes good on his promise at the VMAs and does indeed run for President in 2020, I’m moving to America.

This is a god dream.