Keep calm & throw some shade 

Honestly. People be treating vegans like we’re recovering addicts around meat.
“I’m cooking lamb, I didn’t wanna say around ya know -the vegan”

Veganism is not a sensitivity. It is a non-action. When you literally learn some facts and go; Ok I see now, so it’s way way wayy better for the world and the animals if I NOT do that one thing. Easy done *dusts hands

Did I cry when I went to a slaughter house. Yes mother fu**** you would too. Will I cry if you mention eating meat? No mother fu**** are you bout done stereotyping? Tip toeing like I’m bout to get triggered. Don’t act like you care for my feelings even I don’t care about my feelings. If I did -I’ld still be eating meat.

The only sensitivity here is separation anxiety you get, every time you think about my diet. 🍼