‘Fetch’ is totally happening.

Comm’on now, *tisk. I have enough self awareness to know that the things I express online as a vegan are confronting, controversial, and for some perceived as offensive and annoying, but ultimately my online activity does not actually obstruct the lifestyles of others, nor change who I am as a friend; person to person.

When you’re about to post something vegan

Having discovered alarming truths about the way I sustained myself as a single human, and its detrimental impact on others and my health, I realised I had a beautiful opportunity to make choices that align with my core values. Enter veganism.

To which myself and every other vegan rely on the internet for information, boosting morale, motivation, conversation and friendship naturally; as we continue our days as vegans in a dominant non vegan world with often non vegan friends and non vegan family.

2016 following the vegan wave movement, the meat industries eroded under the echo chambers of social networking with information traveling across social media faster than they can react. As a vegan this is ultimately the goal right?! So I’m not sure how better to spend my limited days on earth other than to use these global connections (if I must) in a way that will support something as purposeful and impactful as veganism. 

But since social media allows us to keep contact with people who we disagree with or do not understand to a minimum so that we can almost always be socially comfortable -thus developing an unchallenged expectation to remain so- it can create saddening realities where friends and family no longer consider you the type of company they wish to keep.

So why risk relationships for a “diet”?Because talking about veganism and sharing vegan information is one of the most important things any vegan can do as an advocate. Veganism is serious and implies social political engagement. It is a lifestyle that resists the main economic models of our western systems. Any information that will lend towards the benefits of a vegan life will not come to you commercially or abundantly. Indeed if you know a vegan, they’re going to do their upmost to make veganism more accessible to others.

Vegans, myself included will continue to grow and help grow others, developing and interacting and achieveing their personal goals. 

If your relationship with a vegan requires that they compromise that growth for themselves and who ever they reach in the process, my advise is that you take one hour out of your life to learn all the possible logical rational reasons as to why your friend or family member would do something as durastic as commmiting ‘social suicide’ online.

You might actually figure out how beneficial it is for us all. You might even realise why you should absolutely go vegan too.. js