real eyes realise real lies

I wonder, are vegans and slaughter house workers alike in the sense that both are a small group of people who are actually open to witness the truth, contrary to popular belief that nothing of the process is true… After all, everyone eats “humane” meat, and plants have feelings too. Killing animals is like picking apples of a tree. And we are lions..

Excuses I hear too often which kind of trivialises the realities of physical and mental stresses experienced by the workers who themselves don’t quite see the way society is exploiting them.

Like other divisions of agriculture, slaughterhouse and “meat”-processing workers are predominantly people of color living in low-income communities.

You don’t see upper class in bloody gumboots because that would break a system that successfully operates on social stratification in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories, and jobs are appointed accordingly.

In an industry where profit margins are slim and volume is everything, workers are endlessly pressured to kill more animals in less time.

Workers who are responsible for killing animals routinely observe animals being cut and dismembered while still conscious, as well as being skinned and boiled alive.

Hour after hour, day after day the workers interact with countless animals in various states of fear and pain.

In addition, the combination of long hours and repetitive motion directly leads to injury, chronic pains in hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back -unavoidable under the frantic pace that most facilities choose to operate.

Workers labor long hours in some of the most dangerous conditions for a relatively low wage. Many female workers also endure sexual harassment by co workers and supervisors. It’s not an environment that hosts sensitives or self awareness that’s a give in.

Slaughterhouses and “meat” processing facilities symbolize suffering and death for animals and exploitation for workers.

When you think about it.. the way we get to walk around with a blindfold on, and have zero accountability for the suffering of animals and people exploited in just this stage of the process, not even tipping the iceberg of negative impacts on people, it’s all very unfair. It’s egotistical. To put our taste and convenience above others.

Fortunately, we can choose not to support this cycle of exploitation and suffering by simply adopting a vegan lifestyle.
2017 go vegan!