I see dead peopleđź‘»

Moving towards ethical banking and living a plant based lifestyle is quantitative progress that pays off globally.

World leaders have committed to keeping global warming at a maximum of 2°C, the level that scientists agree we must not exceed if we’re to avoid dangerous consequences -but It's evident our world leaders have zero chill.

Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Russia -all enemies of US over petrodollars, banks, and debt, trading dead bodies for reduced economic vulnerability. 

Where are you and I in the equation? Just sitting at home feeling low key pressed about the state of it our with hands loosely tied?

I see humanity fighting and children dying. I see people seeking asylum left on boats with no life aid while leaders argue over who's problem is it. I see dead zones in the sea and more pollution than ever before. I see more wild life extinction. People running from conflicts and occupation. Natives fighting to preserve their lands.

I see no leaders, I see dead people.

Everyday in almost every thing we do, we risk the now fragile ecosystem that sustains us.

New Zealand is in a unique position where none of their locally owned banks have any direct fossil fuel investments. That's The Co Operative Bank and Kiwi Bank. 

Westpac, Commonwealth, ASB, NAB, BNZ, ANZ – have loaned over $38 billion to new coal and gas projects in NZ. $70 billion in Australia last year.

Check your banks investments here in Australia 👉🏽http://www.marketforces.org.au/banks/compare

NZ fossil free info 👉🏽http://1qa2mv1tvhvk1t1uyv1mvwyx1dmd.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/files/2015/06/350-Aotearoa-Banks_Report_March-2016_FINAL.pdf

If you are with a bank that is funding climate change, then you are by default. With your mortgage, your business, your daily banking. If you can not change banks, you are responsible to demand they Divest. As custodians of your money, we can hold Banks accountable for how investments are used. 

As customers, we have the choice so what is it? will we continue to burry our heads and invest in detrimental or morally objectionable practices, like catastrophic climate change and war? 

What if we go get vegan tacos and turn off the news designed to manufacture public consent for war; in a sudden and spontaneous leap away from this westernised social subscription to the rat race.