Everything is normie

Its a global warming evening, I’m two glasses down on my organic vegan red wine, I muse about the accuracy of Kylie Jenners 2016 prediction -to quote- “I feel like every year has a new energy, and I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of realizing stuff. And everyone around me, we’re all just, like, realizing things,” 

Ky Ky, you human unicorn of a magical person, you were sahhh literally righht. 

Mainly we realised 2016 is merely the precursor to much bigger, uglier realizations to come. 

I started reading a book titled Technological Slave and I realise our planet’s dominant economic model of capitalism is broken, and unchecked technological progress comes at a steep human cost. 

I could talk about that online but I realised Facebook can conclude your world leanings from the statuses you post and the links that you share, filling your feed with content that you’re likely to enjoy and agree with. And that insulates us in safe places, where we have hide options and block buttons to keep contact with people who we disagree with or do not understand to a minimum, so that we can almost always be socially comfortable; thus developing an unchallenged expectation to remain so.

What would be the point in discussing anything.

I realised that living in a cushioned technology world is warping our perception of the world to the point of make believe. The cognitive dissonance kind. 

I realised humane slaughter, is a sentiment that while the wording is hilariously contradictory – animals in fact -if happy on farms are much more cooperative in their murders. They can be seen skipping into the slaughter house and the stabbing actually feels more humane. Kind of like a tickle.

I realised I’m not entirely sure anymore what Kanyes vision is, but I still fight harder than ever for Kanyes vision because -and it may come at no significant shock- most people in the media are self serving fucks.

The self serving ‘White Helmets’ kind of fucks that perpetuate an idea that Arabs or Muslims kill each other, over religion and are just “primitive and barbaric”.

The kind of media that racist biggots eat up in their simplistic world views where terrorists propaganda suitably paths an economic boost for foreign energy resources.

I realised that to avoid war, we all just should live self sufficiently. Period. No more unethical banking. No more unethical eating, no more unethical energy consumption… reduce my carbon foot print. Be an overall better human.

But I can’t because I realised I’m a needy fuckwit who has aquired inseparable wants -and has commenced a cohabiting arrangement with a sex toy and that needs batteries.