Kanye Logician

I love American popular culture but indeed it is getting very difficult to distinguish between that and its politics, so while I cant seem to formulate opinions on Americas alien current affairs, its kinda sorta all up in my viewing media content … so is The Ye an endorser of Trump as well? *ignores all previous credential progressive articulated messages in every album and gets enraged “Yeezus christ did he actually say he would have voted for Trump, what does it all meannnn??”

Well besides from being socially ackward af in his discourse as per usual, his art utilizes social movements as transportation. This is what all iconic people do. Piggy back on social concepts. Kanye is iconic. Fact. Iconic is the infusion into pop culture.

Trump is popular culture. Kanye is popular culture. Warhole is popular culture.

Andy Warholes unfailable ability to nose out trends would have him choose Marilyn Monroe as his model after her death that propelled her fame as the only film star who’s posthumous fame exceeded by far the popularity of her own lifetime. He made that bissh famous -see what i did there.. when she was dead.

We already know Kanye is obsessed with people that are authentic and iconic, even if they’re dead inside. And Trump is an icon in his authenticity, piggy backing on ‘dead-inside’ social concepts. American politics is a pillion on celebrity lime lighting and endorsements. Fact. Kanye reactionary is just hilariously easy. Fact. We know Kanye doesn’t do what’s expected. Fact. And -American politics IS popular culture IS Kanye.

Do we actually have to revisit Kanyes music video famous to work out why he would say what he said? Did I compare West to Warhole? Defo.

But anyway, now we can ride this Kanye wave for more pass time.

You can poke holes in this the rational is sleek af. Nah, Fuck you its Art.