Three way pussy grabs

Agree, grabbing pussy can sound like animal abuse but here are the three ways Donald should grab pussy if presented with opportune.

1. In an emergency situation, perhaps a building fire, it is completely necessary to grab your pussy or your neighbours pussy before you exit. Pets are family.
2. Screen grabs of pussys to send to your friends is not only a nice gesture but I would encourage anyone to screen grab pussys for their own enjoyment also. Who doesn’t love a cat meme.
3. When Donald needs help cleaning Donalds pussy, a friend may need to grab Donalds pussy, while Donald gets his pussy wet. Cats hate water.

Ive said it before in my blog and I will say it again. My how we have evolved today indeed we are operating on high levels of woke.

Who isn’t enjoying or participating in the backlash on all social platforms following Donald’s now infamous statement, unless you inhibit a cave in the wilderness you may have missed it, but to quote;

“you can do anything .. grab them by the pussy”

“You can do anything .. grab them by the pussy” to add to the list of absolutely despicable things Donald says and thinks about women including Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Disgusting animal. Just some of the labels Donald has attached to women who cross his path, so what’s so great about this gender attack? Trump is finally getting a proper roasting. Comeuppance for the Trumpmuppet.

Every derogatory curse word aimed at the Devine Feminine is used to dismiss her and make ugly the very essence that brought each and everyone of us fourth. But pussy is an adorable word. And everybody love cats.

Pussy is one of the best words I use to describe my crouch. “My neck. My back. My pussy and my crack.” Is what I wake up for. Its my alarm tone. So when a Trump take that, on a list of unsolicited behaviours and money grabs, Uh ah. Leave it alone Don Don. You are wrong wrong.

Ive mentioned before that we are in a war currently with complete and utter ignorance put down to the ‘order’ of things on the right (wing if the shoe fits) meet with a movement of ‘woke’ on the left thriving on the mass influencing technology we have today that is social network.

So is the Donald Trumps of today just evidence of an evolution in the last six or ten years? Alot has changed it seems rather rapidly when we look at what we do and do not accept on our moral compass today.

Today we often argue that “we dont have more violence we just have more cameras” referring to the alarming amount of confronting footage that circulates the web calling for change and action.

Isint this exactly the experience we see in our mind shift today, we dont have more stupidity, we just have more platforms of which stupidity is now overwhelmingly highlighted calling for change and action; In which we have become more grown and receptive to than ever before.

Or is it in the rise of platforms for the non conformist creatives trend setters breaking down stereotypes and gender roles and such that is meet with the backlash of inebriated bigotry.. six of one half a dozen of the other.

To paraphrase Perdita Finn’s applauding reaction to trumps comment circulating facebook; he says “Grabbing pussy is not only what business men do it’s what capitalist economies do, it’s what human beings have been doing for too long to the earth. Land grabs, gold grabs, forest grabs. The rape and pillage of our Mother, Our Lady, the Earth. Let’s not get all ruffled just by the words, let’s get ruffled by rape culture and ecocide.”

Perdita put his neck into it. Could not have said it better myself. Not to dilute the specific violence against females, but to acknowledge that all other forms of violence flows from this original contempt.

So what do i think of it all?

Well, if only I could go back to that first experience I had of being turned down for a role due to being a dope ass pussy birther of a mutha fukah (I made that description up just for this blog) I wouldn’t say:

“I understand”

I would slide back in my seat un-cross my legs, grab my pussy and say something more to the tune of:

“I don’t understand, their father has the exact same children as me and he is able to show up for work. Please expand on your position sir so together we can strip back the social conditioning that is holding your business back from reaching its full potential; and awaken our receptives to indeed see clearer that I am the more compedient and knowledgable employee in this case; with a pussy. I wonder sir how did you get into this creditable role yourself with so many hiring initiatives in better suited areas where men can actually shine in their gender roles such as lawn care, landscaping, forestry, and firefighting, what lead you to your role today?”

Radical people resist misogyny and feminism realises that liberation for females and earth are together, and remember  Trump is like a pussy, One slip of the tongue and your in deep shit!



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