Hoodwinked on a space island

Ok, so I watched Zeitgeist. A portion of the Hilary vs Trump Debate, read one too many articles published on theGuardian and binged on a bunch of consciousness IG feeds in one evening.

And I mean.. oh my fuck. Just look at the state of it. The epic catastrophes we are facing today actually makes me feel nauseous. Humanity is not only eating ourselves to death in sickness and extinction, because Meat = Biggest mistake ever. But we are torturously persistent on existing, and populating, and bank loaning, in the most patriotic narcissistic way possible leading us to play out the very evils we profess to detest of our neighbouring islands.

Political leaders everywhere are snaky, and oh so disingenuous. Economies are failing and on top of that, social progress -gay marriage, women’s rights, freedoms of skin colour diversity etc all of which I support entirely, is extremely undercut with uphill nihilism. STILL!

There is no greater social belief to believe in today than veganisim (I try to mention in the most unbiased way) that can be placed on a population more urgently over patriotism today. Period. Urgently because, look at us. We are hoodwinks fixated on our personal morality behind the comforts of our hedged in nations.

Patriotism is akin to extremism. You only have to run over a few comment sections below news articles to witness the removing of pacifiers from mouths of adults, unfolding the tantrum like content that protests against humanitarian agencies; who are actively trying to push civilians in desperate need through countries boarder patrols amidst the most recent of devastating world crisis, the Middle Eastern conflict.

A crisis that should afford a fair play approach between us all instead is sowing its political division as politicians argue over sharing the burden of a child stranded on a boat or in a location with no access to life saving aid. And citizens are ACTUALLY crying ‘middle child syndrome’ for their governments to favour their own peoples perceived oppressions first and foremost while sat on a couch with a blanket peting their animals watching pre recordings of Britains got talent, dipping fucking biscuits in earl fucking grey tea.
How fucked is that!

Patriotism, what was believed to be the valuing of a collective ideal geographically, has led to a lot of darker struggles. Patriotism today, to be more accurate is the dynamic of “us versus them”. A dynamic that is easily manipulated in people and has absolutely been put toward evil.

This could now be the perfect time to drop in a brief parallel of patriotism conflicts such as Hitler and World War II, Israel and Palestine, or the misguided American invasion of Iraq, and just for further context, the very fresh divide over the US BLM movement that seeks justice against the continued and fatal violence towards innocent citizens of African/Latino decent from law enforcements; that in itself is a field day of division between people who stand for a flag, a wing, a party, a blue shirt; vs people who stand for people.

Yes indeed, we are still stuck in these undeveloped ruts today. It may be 2016 but how our patriotism sure does root us backwards.

Ok so Americans are getting more stick for being patriotic chest thumpers Im sorry! It’s just difficult to reverse the early child hood propergada that is wonder women or captain America. There’s also all those hotdog eating, football fan, trump supporters forming drunk crowds with the utmost of the media coverage breaking out into chants of “USA! USA!” without even a faint hint of self awareness.

You would be right in saying my instinct that leads me to essentially write off an entire country and spew out the phrase, “Americans are all a bunch of patriotic..” is actually no different from the concept of patriotism I describe, in any sense. So I too am suffering from the affects of patriotism.
A truly tactical endorsement idea that an irrelevant set of attributes from a group of people can be easily assessed as the culture of a nation. The very same concept that sparked the faith restored 2014 #illridewithyou campaign for Australian Muslim communities who were more subjected in greater numbers to violence and danger going about their daily lives post terrorists attacks; than the actual attack from said to be Muslim terrorist of the infamous seige at Sydneys Lindt cafe.

Yes, we all want to feel part of something, and a country by virtue of our passports is the obvious choice. But its bout time we gave patriotism the boot.
What is with this idea of taking pride in the country we were born into, that we pay tax to, that we spend most of our time in, and honesty spend most of our time wanting a holiday away from!?

The Internet has made an island out of all of us, we are together every day using our freedom to speak, to connect to one another.. it’s astonishing how we have not found solidarity on this earth sized space island yet. And if we can’t let go of this conditioning, then better yet, how do we achieve earth patriotism? Ditch that flag on the moon for a more appropriate symbol of earth, perhaps an image of Ceasers face from planet of the apes. How fucking dope would that be. But idk, anyone with a reliable internet connection can conceivably position themselves as an expert. Send me pictures of monkeys I’ll make us a flag real quick ok xo.

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