entries of a hungry vegan

An honestly raw and sexy log from my real time experiences during my 24 hours of fasting, for oct 2nd world day for farmed animals. In remeberance and solidarity with their tremendous suffering, I join activist across the world in a fast against slaughter, but also included to further complicate such a task of consuming zero vegan donuts today, my accounts of an equally difficult challenge where I also shut up my speak for the duration of the fast. No talk, no food.

A vow of silence, for the voiceless. Similar to James Aspeys activism of 365 days of silence but 364 less days than what he did. 

‘you’re a fool’ you say. And I say back ‘agree, I am a fool that’s probably quite accurate’ 

Entries of a hungry vegan as follows:

1:49am lying in bed, hungry. 22 hours to go.

1:53am Wondering why I am participating in this so close to the pre menstral calendar that normally warrants feeding around the clock.


9:05am slept in, having water and then coffee, and ahh just some more water. I haven’t done this since the forty hour famine in primary. I ate all the barley sugars in the first hour of forty, I raised $10.

10:30am there is a knock at the door, I am faced with my first communication delima of breaking my silence for the animals, do I simply not answer the door? Yes. 

11:07am Finished posting a series of footage from ‘Sympathy at Slaughter’ on my Snapchat feed to further raise awareness for my audience of two followers. Realising I should make some friends. Check in again at approx 11:09 hopefully we are still friends after they view my story.


11:10am If you want to be friends we can do meet ups and be friends I live in Australia and if you want you can let me know if you want to be the best friends that anyone could have.


11:51 it’s Sunday. Christians will be getting ready for their family lunch after church. They will stand around a table holding hands thanking the lord for his offerings in grace.
In contrast, a vegan atheist will not be doing this and causing less harm to gods creatures and gods planet.


1:00pm 13 hours without food, feel like a boss. My vibrations are rising. I am one with my body. How does one meditate. Meditation feels appropriate.


3pm problem solving, If I attempt to raise awareness not to consume dairy using a mathematical approach of  400 x glasses of water = a single glass of milk, how many omnis will call me a hypocrite for drinking water during my fast against slaughter.


4:00pm 8 hours left and my 8 year old has spent the entire day so far trying very hard to entice me to speak. I have not broken yet. I owe him $5 if he succeeds. I’m a winner.

5:50pm This is level 5 cunts


6:09pm I said ‘hi’ to the cat. This has been a very powerful exercise in the way of understanding the challenges faced in this form of activism. I owe my son $5

7:00pm Thinking about having a vodka and soda.


8:06 actually feel very exhausted now and very sad and consumed by the thought of all the children suffering as a direct result of agri. I imagine being a hungry child in the global south now, as my homeland is exploited for growing cattle feed to satisfy the product demands in developing countries.


8:08 having to eat now, a little dissapointed I didn’t make it to midnight, 20 hours of fasting and I’m entering a dark place of roundly despising everyone because everything is shithouse regularly. Time for food before I reach the behavioural equivalent of a toddler without a nap. Fast officially over.

Almost forgot the sexy…


If your October 2nd is just beginning make the pledge here: dayforanimals.org/pledge

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