No one should have to explain why this style choice by Marc Jacobs Spring 17 collection is bad.

We should be grown by now and receptive enough to absorb the messages of oppressed people, to know what culture appropriation looks like. But believe it, there are people who are defending this in circles of YT mutual masturbatory ‘but blacks straighten their hair’ assurance. As if straight hair is a culture *snort* completely erasing history and context of marginalized people while clinging to a irrelevant equivalency after centuries of socially unaccepted traditional black hairstyles.


Trust me, I’m saying nothing that hasn’t been said before, I just can’t prioritise what comments on his pages pain me most and first with the options of “beautiful, very different” or “this PC bullshit and obsession for equality is what’s truly lame”.

Marc Jacobs. For the umpteenth time (first and last time I’ll use that phrase) As a public figure you are responsible for the messages you bring across. Your entire line is inspired by 70s black communities yet no diversity was displayed in your set of models and then you done fucked up with that most un-intelligent tedious response to an ever tedious debate. “all who cry culture appropriation or whatever nonsense about any race or skin colour wearing their hair in any particular style- funny how you dont critize women of colour for straightening their hair. I respect and am inspired by people and how they look. im sorry to read that so many people are narrow minded… love is the answer. Appreciation of all and inspiration from anywhere is a beautiful thing. think about it”

he wants us to think about it…



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