On getting poked

I find the world problematic, if not unspeakably stupid. I am not alone in my revulsion.

This is why ignorance is no longer bliss. It’s more like, really fucking embarrassing.

Take the mansplaining incident of recent net blast, Jessica Meir a freaking NASA astronaut since 2013 tweets out a video of herself venturing above 63,000 feet where she said “water spontaneously boils.” A man named Casey O’Quin who based on his avatar, is shirtless and sporting sunglasses because it is always sunny in douchville, responded to correct her, writing “Wouldn’t say it’s spontaneous. The pressure in the room got below the vapor pressure of the water at room temp. Simple thermo.”

“Wouldn’t say it’s spontaneous. The pressure in the room got below the vapor pressure of the water at room temp. Simple thermo.”

Um…. Thank you Casey *eyes rolling so far back it hurts* lucky you were there to mansplain the situation to an astronaut! Did you learn that at space camp? the peoples reactions resoundingly echo. I am extremly uncertain he will ever get laid again. On his part, he has since done the right thing, deleting his account.

verb informal

1. man who explains things without checking the credentials of anyone else in the conversation, outright ignoring all previous statements, assuming that he is an expert by default. An act that has become a consequence from an outdated culture where a non male voice is of no value.

In reverse, you could probably look up a mansplainers definition of the word Emotional;


1. a women offering an opinion  2. a women offering an explanation.

I kid.

But in relation, look up the ‘mansplaining’ definitions submitted by weeping men on the Urban Dictionary to find the section where one can derail a justice movement called feminism (a completely unrelated concept) and vilify themselves in synchronise with the tune of ‘all lives matter’ adding to the uphill limits of human knowledge, decomposing online logic. Jesus, your parents must have made a real fuss of you.

These continuing accounts of online slamming is irrefutable evidence of the wagering war between utter stupidity and level headed realness; happening today. And while it seems like trivia, this kind of social bullying is actually brilliantly evolved.

With the logic transitory, brought about by our unwavering real time ability to mass communicate on the internet; in the form of memes, and articles, and blogs and vlogs we are minimising future accounts of injustice one at a time with every shade we throw. You can not live through every 20th century social movement and learn nothing, but if do and you get caught knowing nothing ‘I feel bad for you son’.

Either you conform to real time equal rights smarts or you go ahead and delete your account and put something cold on that burn. 2k16 we are operating now on higher levels of ‘woke’. Which means we will and can poke fun. What was once socially accepted ignorance and prejudices, from peanut brains doesn’t fly today and will be meet with vigilantes taking shit from no one, and just having fun tripping people up in there bigotry disco stride.

See this is what the poke button is actually for on Facebook. When you want to poke someone in the brain ‘is it breathing?’ But like, with a four foot pole, ‘is it dead? Ew don’t touch it it’s dead!’

You will be presently nodding and intoning, you agree because you know that individuals, rather then than being contained, static, measurable, beings are in fact defined entirely by their exchanges with others. So like, don’t be a fuck-wit

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