Signs you might be reading a blog

Hi, I’m 30.
I have left wing tendencies. I now drink gulps of gluten reduced soy smoothies for breakfast and enjoy my morning shits that remind me how fucking vegan I am.

Im not old. But I am basically.
Because I am noticing that there is an interesting split between older and younger millennials.

Younger Millennials are more capable of rational thought and require themselves to postulate energetically about their reasons for existing.
You may have seen them on vlogs.

Managing and employing young pulsating millennials as a marginalising older millennial now (the gap is small but the difference is noticeable) was an awkward realisation.

See older Millennials were in the workforce during the early 20k recession and experienced and witnessed the lifestyle adjustments during that time which taught them about corporate restructuring. Last on, first to go.
For most of their work experience, they saw people who had spent their entire careers in one company or industry, starting from the bottom and working their way to the top.

Younger Millennials were in school at the time and they came out holding a much more egalitarian, equal rights, equal opportunities, real-time view, where intelligence, abilities, and performance at any given point that day, that month, that performance cycle, etc hold more weight than any relevant past experience.

Thus business and work must evolve, indeed it is.

So with that becoming apparent and completely fucking with my version of what upward career trajectory looks like with its own theme song “started from the bottom now we hea” it also made me realise that young millennials, the gen Z are so much fucking smarter than us the gen Y. Comparable to how the gen X probably feel or the baby boomers right now tweeting their distaste for the advancing tech world today (while on their technology) with the hashtag #HowToConfuseAMilenial followed by some serious shade at well, their own offspring.

So what I’m saying is, I’ve joined the group. I’m with the old people now who point out age gaps.

I’ve noticed that all these freshie twenty somethings committed to sobriety and super foods and and clear-headedness are out there on the social platforms speaking truths about real state of the world issues at the same age I was just speaking “true or false, drink boiii” it’s embarrassing.

What’s also embarrassing is 5 years of using the Insta app purely as the ‘shall not pass through Facebook without a Lark filter’ tool because I didn’t really know what people do with it until more recently. Also my countless shares of nothing great content that sum up my personal life-climate on the fabeebook… left me thinking, I really do have to leave this mediocre version of myself behind and do something more in terms of my external outlets.

Because along with the year of turning 30 that left me feeling relatively unmoved, I’m basically just winding downward in the most average way possible and sharing that daily.
“30!? You’re still young!”
Yes except the buffering bar just loaded a year closer towards the narrative of my life where I am only capable of conversing with with early television news.

I’m noticing more frequently how my 30+ friends are enduring their days steadfast and only marginally less different from me as we all occasionally expel some same rhetoric guff that came out of our own parents mouths but with a contemporary twist. Also noticing our unwavering understanding of current trends finding the odd eyebrow in the mix still doing that 2002 Nicole Richie rainbow arch, and a profile picture featuring a wedding photo from 5 years ago because that was the last day we looked dis fancy, in solidarity with Nice to be relevant yet.. it’s no longer relevant.

See this is how I wind up a karmically imbalanced vegan, I make comments like that, summing up lives to eyebrows and profile pictures.
Im a shitty person.

That said, this is how I arrived at the WordPress dot com to redirect my ‘same same’ into something I suppose less predictable.

But also I systematically set myself back in student debts due to chasing a work ethic; that climbing corporate ladders is earned through time and money. So I have a now useless ability where I can write up 1000 word essays in an evening summing up one topic with vague statements and excessive descriptive words, applying misplaced commas frequently, but less than your average gramical errors, so I could mayyybe do blogs?

Here is where you can find content aimed towards an audience in which I will endeavour to presume is only my best friend Alice listening to the ramblings of my real talk over a glass of low calorie Sav Blanc.


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